Satellite on the Bubble

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 5/11

Level 10: 400-800 / Ante 100

The Main Event players showed some cards, and a few pots were played. In the meanwhile, the $175 Satellite is down to the last six players and on the bubble for the five tickets. Still in contentio  are Jose Duzanson, Ramses Bislick, Angelo Flanders, Vincent Distribue, Marvin van Eyck and Nicolas Salas.

Flanders suggested that all pay some extra and make it six tickets – outcome to be decided.

Back to the Main Event. On the five-way limped pot, the flop showed 10s9d8d and Daivy Ramssany bet 1,000. Arman Bosnakyan called, as did Carlos Queiroz. Julien Bonnel raised to 5,000 and all opponents folded – Bonnel showed 7d6d for the bottom straight and moved to 80,000.

Then, Ramssany made it 3,000 to go on the button and Queiroz called in the big blind, then folded the Jh7s4s flop with the words “a heart is missing.” Ramssany showed him AdKd – that bumped his stack to around 60,000.

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