Timothy Cavallin Wins the 2016 WSOPC Caribbean Main Event ($84,000)

Only 12 players out of an 224-entry strong field returned to the tables of the Casino Royale and Jean-Luc Adam was leading the hopefuls into Day 3 of the $1,675 World Series of Poker Circuit Caribbean Main Event. Ultimately, it was Timothy Cavallin who emerged victorious and scooped the first-place payout of $84,000 after a brief heads-up battle with Day 1a chip leader Luca Giovannone.

The day started with a bang and after 15 minutes, the final table of the last nine was already set. Vaea three-bet shoved the button with pocket queens and Howard Cheng A June called for less with jacks in the small blind only for Paul Benichou to wake up with aces in the big blind. The board changed nothing and there were 10 left. At the same time, Charlie Ciresi theee-bet jammed with nines into the aces of Ian Gavlick and found no help either.

While Benichou knocked out two opponents, he eventually became the first casualty on the final table. He lost a few hands and then Walter Treccarichi doubled through him. Benichou shoved soon after with queen-nine suited and Nicolas Salas isolated with pocket tens to reduce the field to the last eight.

By then, Martin Ryan had the first place in the Casino Championship points race locked up and then shoved with king-jack. Cavallin called with ace-king on the button and the board ran out ten-high. Soon after, short stack Ivan Gavlick got his last few big blinds in with nine-seven suited and Adam isolated successfully with ace-deuce suited to win with ace kicker on a king-high board.

Adam was still the dominating chip leader, but a series of bluffs saw his stack diminish. Treccarichi tripled up with king-jack to leave Nicolas Salas short and the latter then three-bet all in with pocket aces. Cavallin called with jack-ten and turned a straight.

It was all over for Adam in fifth place then when he shoved a seven-high flop with ten-five for a gutshot in a battle of the blinds against Daniel Wojcik. The American had four-nine suited for middle pair and the flush draw, both turn and river blanked. It would soon turn into a heartbreak for Wojcik though, after Treccarichi four-bet shoved pocket sixes into his pocket queens and spiked a lucky six on the river to reduce the field to the last three.

Cavallin doubled into a commanding lead in a three-bet pot against Treccarichi when his pocket kings faced a flopped set of sixes of the Italian and the river provided one of the two remaining kings in the deck. The tale of kings continued when Cavallin turned the nut flush and jammed the river against Treccarichi, who tank-called with ace-jack for the second nut flush and was eliminated in third place.

The heads up duel for the title lasted all but 10 minutes. Giovannone four-bet all in with king-ten of clubs and Cavallin called with king-jack. A jack on the flop paired up the player from Barbados and he faded a gutshot to emerge victorious after an impressive performance at the final table.


Final Result Day 3 WSOPC Caribbean Main Event

Place Player Country Payout
1 Timothy Cavallin Barbados $84,000
2 Luca Giovannone Italy $52,000
3 Walter Treccarichi Italy $37,500
4 Daniel Wojcik USA $28,000
5 Jean-Luc Adam Sint Maarten $21,000
6 Nicolas Salas France $16,000
7 Ian Gavlick USA $12,400
8 Martin Ryan Trinidad & Tobago $9,700
9 Paul Benichou Guadeloupe $7,750
10 Charlie Ciresi USA $6,300
11 Vaea Profit Sint Maarten $6,300
12 Howard Cheng A June Sint Maarten $6,300

Two further WSOP Circuit rings will be awarded tonight still, as Event #32 is down to heads up and the registration for the $365 Turbo one-day Event #35 has already closed as well.

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