Ricardo Cheng-A-June Wins $250 Warm Up After 3-Way Deal

The 2017 TK Poker Tour $250 Warm Up has found a winner, but there were in fact three happy faces when the final hand was dealt as Ricardo Cheng-A-June, Gerhard Wassenaar and Ibrahim Binici agreed to a deal that locked up $6,500 for the former and $4,450 each for the latter two.

Only 39 players out of 134-entry strong field returned to the tables of the Casino Royale on Sint Maarten and Belkacem Habassi was in the lead, but the Frenchman was among those to bow out before the money. Further early casualties included Frederic Maniez, Arthur Thevenot, Jozef O’Neil, Jose Duzanson, Dueval Fenton and Patrick Alain to name just a few.

Vaea Profit flopped two pair with ace-ten only to see Agnello di Maio turn over aces for top set. Christophe Enrici ran out of chips soon after and the last two tables were set for the money bubble. It took two hands before Mohamed Mansour was crowned bubble-boy after losing a flip with ace-king against the pocket queens of Nicolas Compingt.

Alain Bellahsen, Peter Hajszan and Marvin Browne had to settle for a min-cash before di Maio experienced a roller coaster of emotions. First the Italian lost most of his stack with pocket aces, then doubled twice in the next two consecutive hands when picking up aces again! Only one orbit later however, di Maio four-bet shoved ace-king suited into the pocket aces of Ray Carter. Compingt and Pierre Goetz followed him to the rail and the nine-handed final table was set.

Vincent Distribue became the first casualty on the last table when shoving the river of a paired board with just ace-ten high, Binici snap-called with pocket fives for flopped quads. Stephen Saleh had lost most of his chips with nines versus jacks and didn’t get there with queen-jack against the king-nine suited of Wassenaar.

The Dutchman and resident of Sint Maarten then sent Jane Mignanelli and Carter to the rail in consecutive hands and they were five-handed. Marvin van Eyck doubled once, then failed to hold up with ace-jack against the five-four of Wassenaar. Last but not least, it was Cheng-A-June that eliminated Richard Smith when holding up with nines against king-queen suited.

The last three players agreed to a deal and no further hand was dealt. In the $175 TKPT Main Event Satellite, a total of 37 players generated a prize pool of $4,995 and the top four spots locked up a ticket for the $1,150 flagship tournament of the festival.

Tomorrow, a $135 Pot-Limit Omaha Event kicks off at 6 p.m. local time followed by another $175 Satellite to the Main Event.

Ricardo Cheng-A-June wins the $250 Warm Up

Final Result of the $250 Warm Up

Place Player Country Payout (USD) Deal (USD)
1 Ricardo Cheng-A-June Sint Maarten 7,500 6,500
2 Gerhard Wassenaar Sint Maarten 4,600 4,450
3 Ibrahim Binici Guadeloupe 3,300 4,450
4 Richard Smith Jamaica 2,400
5 Marvin van Eyck Netherlands 1,800
6 Ray Carter Canada 1,400
7 Jane Mignanelli USA 1,050
8 Stephen Saleh UK 850
9 Vincent Distribue France 690
10 Pierre Goetz Sint Maarten 560
11 Nicolas Compingt France 560
12 Agnello di Maio Italy 560
13 Marvin Browne Sint Maarten 510
14 Peter Hajszan Austria 510
15 Alain Bellahsen Sint Maarten 510
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