Peter Bosch Wins the PLO Event

Just before 4 a.m. local time the 2017 TK Poker Tour Caribbean has crowned it’s second champion at the Casino Royale, and it was Peter Bosch who emerged victorious in heads up against Frederic Maniez to claim the title of $135 Pot-Limit Omaha champion along with a payday of $3,150.

There were 30 entries, 30 rebuys and 24 add ons to generate a prize pool of $8,400 and the top five spots were guaranteed at least $900. During the rebuy period, the action was fast and furious, but only three players had joined the rail when the event went on dinner break after the end of level four. Mario Eder and Jose Menalque were the only two late entrants, and both missed out on making the final table.

Final Result Pot-Limit Omaha Event #3

Place Player Country Payout (USD)
1 Peter Bosch USA 3,150
2 Frederic Maniez Sint Maarten 1,950
3 Ramesh Jethvani USA 1,350
4 Angelo Flanders Netherlands 1,050
5 Tim Hicks Sint Maarten 900


Peter Bosch Wins the PLO Event

After the end of the rebuy period, the field was rather quickly reduced to the last two tables. Among those to bust during that time were early big stack Belkacem Habassi, Ibrahim Binici, Vicent Distribue, aforementioned Mario Eder and Nicolas Salas. Down to the last two tables, Corinne Hodebarre scooped plenty of pots to join Bosch at the top of the leader board while Peter Hajszan was eliminated under cruel circumstances. The Poker Royale boss from Wiener Neustadt got it in with a set of jacks, and was one-outered by an opponent with a set of eights due to the case eight on the river.

Darius Tamulevicius missed out on a triple up and Thomas Kremser, face of the TK Poker Tour here at Casino Royale, then joined the rail as part of a double elimination. Hodebarre had Kremser and another player covered and got there with ace-jack-eight-eight after flopping a gutshot against over cards and pocket kings, spiking the last eight in the deck on the river to improve to a set. Only moments later, Jose Menalque had his aces cracked by Angelo Flanders and the final table was set.

Until then, Hodebarre looked unstoppable but a series of pots left her short-stacked and she was eliminated in 9th place. Gary Ashdown followed next before the brothers Charles and Matt Satterwhite were eliminated to let the bubble burst. Charles fell victim to the comeback run of Maniez, while Matt got it in with an open-ended straight draw only to see Jethvani hold up with top two.

Tim Hicks survived the bubble as one of the short stacks and got it in with ace-eight-seven-five. Jethvani had that covered with ace-jac-ten-nine and turned trips jacks to eliminate Hicks. Flanders then bowed out in 4th place when his shove was called by Bosch and Maniez. The latter rivered a straight with ace-jack-eight-three to better Flanders’ king-nine-nine-eight and that reduced the field to the last three.

From there on, many limped pots followed and Bosch consistently put pressure on both opponents by betting each further street regularly. Jethvani would be the next to fall, after getting his stack in with ace-king-king-jack on an ace-high flop. Maniez looked him up with Ace-king-jack-three for top pair and a gutshot, and made a flush thanks to running hearts on turn and river.

Maniez and Bosch considered a deal, but couldn’t agree on the numbers and just two hands later it was all over. Maniez flopped a set of sevens and just called before getting it in on the turn when a nine hit. Bosch turned over Ace-eight-six-six for a straight and the river blanked to crown a champion.

The 2017 TK Poker Tour Caribbean continues on March 21st with Day 1a of the $1,150 Main Event as of 6 p.m. local time, and a $175 Re-Entry Satellite for the flagship tournament of the festival kicks off at 9 p.m. local time. Both previous qualifiers generated four entries each.

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