Arman Soltani wins the 2017 TKPT Caribbean Main Event after Three-Way Deal

It’s a wrap. The 10-day long 2017 TK Poker Tour Caribbean festival at the Casino Royale on Sint Maarten / Netherland Antilles has come to an end with a three-way deal in the $1,150 Main Event. A total of 84 entries generated a prize pool of $84,000 and eight hopefuls remained for the third and final day of the flagship tournament of the festival.

Mohan “Ronny” Karran was leading the field ahead of Arman Soltani and Pierre Goetz, while Mario Eder was also among the biggest stacks. Ultimately, Soltani, Eder and Karran struck an ICM deal that awarded $21,500 and the title to the Canadian, who was clearly delighted about the outcome.

Place Player Country Prize (USD) Deal (USD)
1 Arman Soltani Canada 25,100 21,500
2 Mario Eder Austria 15,500 15,560
3 Mohan Karran Suriname 11,100 14,640
4 Viktor Karkus Hungary 8,100
5 Pierre Goetz Sint Maarten 6,100
6 Albert Balayn France 4,600
7 Vincent Distribue France 3,800
8 Julien Bonnel Sint Maarten 3,000
9 Albert Lunenborg Sint Maarten 2,500
10 Michael Lech USA 2,200
11 Christophe Enrici Sint Maarten 2,000

Arman Soltani wins the 2017 TKPT Caribbean

What happened on the final day? It started with a bang for Viktor Karkus, as the Hungarian doubled with pocket aces against the pocket tens of Goetz. Julien Bonnel would then become the first casualty of the day when the local resident four-bet shoved from the button with queen-jack suited. Eder, who had three-bet big out of the small blind, called with nine-eight suited, also in clubs, and spiked a nine on the flop.

Albert Balayn then doubled through Vincent Distribue to leave the latter short, and the Frenchman eventually had to settle for 7th place. Balayn had doubled just doubled again after flopping bottom two pair in a four-way pot out of the big blind, before Distribue got his remaining seven big blinds in with king-jack a few hands later. Eder called with king-queen and there was no help on the board.

The next level until the dinner break saw Soltani slowly but surely recovering chips and consistently building his stack, while Balayn dropped back to the bottom of the counts. Ultimately, Balayn fell short in 6th place after he got it in for ten big blinds with pocket fours against a raise by Karran and a call by Soltani. Karran folded, but Soltani called with king-queen and rivered the higher full house to eliminate Balayn.

Back from dinner, Goetz was the short stack and chopped once with Eder when both had found pocket sixes. Then, Goetz open-shoved from the small blind with five-four suited and Eder looked down at red tens in the big blind. There were two clubs on the flop to give Goetz a glimpse of hope, but turn and river bricked off.

The other short stack, Karkus, doubled once by winning a flip with deuces against the ace-king of Karran, but was soon cut short again. Karkus then moved all in first to act and Karran reshoved for slightly more. Eder folded pocket fives out of the big blind for just under half his remaining stack to see Karkus turn over eight-seven off suit. Karran had ace-king and neither player hit to award the pot to Karran with ace-high.

One further minor hand was played before the remaining trio looked at numbers and agreed to a deal within 10 minutes.

That marks the end of the festival here on Sint Maarten, but TK Poker Events will be back in November for the second edition of the World Series of Poker Circuit on the “friendly island.” For further information, check out the TK Poker website and the TK Poker Facebook page.

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