What is Happening?

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 17/18

Level 4: 100-200

Otto Shtapler limped in from under the gun and Keith Hart raised to 1,000, Shtapler called. On the Kc9c5d flop, Shtapler grabbed some chips and tossed them in. Hart glanced at the dealer, who checked the bet amount and it was 8,000 to go. Suddenly Shtapler seemed surprised about that, and soon after faced the all in of Hart.

After some consideration, Shtapler folded Kh9h for two pair face up and Hart told him “I knew exactly what you had, that’s why you bet so much.” Shtapler dropped to 33,000, while Hart now has 34,000.

A fourth table opened in the Satellite after the first few players to run out of chips fired a re-entry.

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