Value for Saleh

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 17/18

Level 4: 100-200

Gerhard Wassenaar opened to 600 and picked up three callers in Jose Duzanson on the button, Matt Satterwhite in the small blind and Stephen Saleh in the big blind. The latter bet the KdQc9c flop for 600 and just Wassenaar called. On the Jd turn, Saleh fired another 2,000 and was called before doing so again for 2,000 on the Qh river.

Wassenaar called and Saleh turned over 10c8c for a straight, which prompted Wassenaar to first reveal the Ac, followed by the Jh. The Dutchman fell to 22,000, while Saleh is among the biggest stacks with 43,000.

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