Two Double Ups

$135 PLO Event 9/30

Level 13: 1,000-2,000

Many multi-way limped pots emerged without much action, while two players were at risk and doubled. After bets were already in on the AdJh8d flop, Charles Satterwhite was all in for just 7,500 on the Qc turn. Peter Bosch called with AsAh9c4h and Satterwhite showed Js10h9d3h for a straight. The 7d on the river was a blank and that let Satterwhite double to around 50,000.

Soon after, Corinne Hodebarre raised to 4,000 and picked up two callers in Ramesh Jithwani and Gary Ashdown in the blinds. On the Qh10h3d flop, Jithwani check-raised all in for 42,500 and Hodebarre called after having bet 12,000.

Ramesh Jithwani: Jd10d10s3s

Corinne Hodebarre: AdAhQs6h

The 3c turn gave Jithwani a full house, and the Ks river secured his double. Jithwani soon after took another big pot off Hodebarre to leave her with just 20,000, while bumping his own stack to 130,000.

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