Two Big Pots and a Seat Open

$135 PLO Event 12/30

Level 12: 800-1,600

Darius Tamulevicius has been eliminated while Peter Bosch and Frederic Maniez scooped two decent pots.

First it was Maniez who barreled through a board of 5h4s2c2s3c from the button. Ramesh Jithwani check-called a bet worth 6,000 on the flop and 12,000 on the turn before check-folding to a bet of 20,000 on the river. That pot moved Maniez into the lead with around 115,000.

Then, Corinne Hodebarre check-called a bet of 4,000 on the Ks7h4d flop and 6,000 on the 5h turn. Hodebarre checked the Kc river and Bosch finally bet 8,000, which Hodebarre called. Bosch turned over Kd4sAh9c and Hodebarre mucked sevens for the inferior full house.

Last but not least, Jithwani raised to 3,200 and Tim Hicks called. Matt Satterwhite did so from the small blind before Tamulevicius shoved for his last 11,500 in the big blind. Jithwani and Hicks called, Satterwhite folded.

On the Kd4d3c flop, Jithwani bet the pot to force a fold from Hicks, who had around 30,000 left. Tamulevicius flipped over AsAd9d4s for aces and the nut flush draw, while Jithwani had KhKcQcJc for top set. The 8h turn and 5s river bricked and that was it for the Lithuanian.

Jithwani moved to around 90,000, while Satterwhite has 50,000.

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