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$365 NLHE Event #22 Day 2 5/121

Level 22: 6,000-12,000 / Ante 2,000

Martin Ryan limped in and Gerald Mortensen raised to 36,000, which Ryan called on the 10s 10h 3d flop and the 5h turn, both players checked. On the 6d river, Ryan bet 60,000 and Mortensen called to then muck when Ryan showed 7s 4s for a runner runner straight.

One hand later, Ryan got into a pot with George Griffith and the latter check-called a bet of 50,000 on the 9h 7c 6d flop. The 2c turn and 6c river were checked through and Ryan tapped the table when Griffith showed Qd Qh.

Griffith moved up to 490,000, Ryan has 360,000 and Mortensen is down to 180,000.

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