Three-Way All In and Second Bullet for Lech

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 16/20

Level 5: 100-200 / Ante 25

On the flop of Qh10d9s, Vincent Distribue bet 1,100 out of the big blind and Mario Eder called from one seat over. Stephen Saleh raised it up to 5,000 and Distribue called before Eder moved all in. Saleh moved all in as well with the biggest stack of the trip, and Distribue called!

Mario Eder: KsJs

Stephen Saleh: KhJc

Vincent Distribue: KdJd

The 4d turn was a big sweat, giving Distribue a flush draw, but the 10h river was a blank. “No damage done,” Saleh said and still has around 50,000. Distribue claims 27,000 to his name, while Eder has 23,000.

One table over, Michael Lech shoved the Kh7s5dJd turn for his last 3,500 when facing a bet worth 1,525 by Franck Guillot. The Frenchman called with KsJs and Lech was hoping for diamonds with Kd3d. It was a blank 6c on the river and Lech headed to the cash desk in order to buy in again, and draw the same seat for the second bullet.

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