They Are Dropping Fast(er)

$135 PLO Event 21/30

Level 7: 250-500

Three players were eliminated in quick succession, including Mario Eder and Ibrahim Binici, and the field has been reduced to just 21 hopefuls. Binici had tripled up a tiny stack before running out of chips soon after.

Eder lost most of his chips in an encounter with Tim Hicks before sending over the remainder as well. On the Jc6h2h flop, the duo got it in with KhJd10h5c (Hicks) vs 8h5h4d3s (Eder) and the Kd turn and Ac river were blanks. Right after, Hicks flopped a set of eights and rivered a straight to send Eder back to the cash tables.

Vincent Distribue was eliminated from that table just prior as well, and the Frenchman jumped right into the $175 Satellite.

As far as big pots are concerned, Frederic Maniez bet a four-way pot on the QsJh4d3s turn for 14,000 and Jose Menalque as well as former big stack Belkacem Habassi (13,000 left) folded. Only Matt Satterwhite called and the 8s was checked through. Satterwhite showed Kc10d9s5h for a wrap that got there, and Maniez briefly showed two pair before mucking, and dropping to around 16,000. Satterwhite moved up to 58,000.

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