The Wild Ride Continues

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 15/20

Level 6: 150-300 / Ante 25

On the 7h5c6s3c turn, Stephen Saleh and Jose Duzanson both invested 5,000 each to see the Kc appear on the river. Saleh checked behind and flashed Qd4d, only to see Duzanson turn over 9c7c for a flush.

The  moment of victory wouldn’t last long for Duzanson though, as he saw Gerhard Wassenaar limp in and raised to 2,100. Wassenaar called and checked the 8d6h5s flop. Duzanson continued for 5,250 and folded to Wassenaar’s raise to 11,500. Duzanson has just the 16,500 left, while Wassenaar stands at 57,000.

One table over, Michael Lech bet the JdJc4h flop for 800 and Michael Dees called. Brian Smith raised to 2,200 on the button and Lech squeezed to 5,500, which just Smith called. On the 3s turn, Lech checked and folded to Smith’s bet of 5,000. That means Lech has around 13,000 left, while Smith bounced back to 30,000.

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