The Tale of Two Austrians

$135 PLO Event 13/30

Level 11: 600-1,200

Günther Schuster and Peter Hajszan have been eliminated in level 10, and the exit of Hajszan was rather brutal. The Austrian got it in with a set of jacks against the set of eights of Ramesh Jithwani, and the latter spiked the last remaining eight in the deck for quads to claim the pot.

Jose Menalque was then quite upset on the same table, as he paid off the trips kings of Frederic Maniez and was left with just 20,000, while Maniez bumped his stack to 90,000.

Over on table one, two players limped in and Thomas Kremser was then all in for his last 4,500 on the button. Corinne Hodebar in the big blind and the cutoff called. Both remaining active players checked the 10s6h5c flop and Hodebar bet the 6d turn to get the other player out of the hand.

Kremser tabled his 10d9c8h4d, while Hodebar had AcKs8c6c for trips sixes. The 10h river gave Kremser the best hand and he more than tripled up.

The average is back to around 40 big blinds.

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