The Sweet 16 in the PLO Event

$135 PLO Event 16/30

Level 9: 400-800

The new level had barely started and a double elimination would reduce the field to the last 16 and break one table. Belkacem Habassi had been sent to the rail before the last break, and Ramesh Jithwani then took care of Arman Bosnakyan and Akim El Allaoui.

Preflop, four players invested the pot to see the flop fall 7d7h2c and Bosnakyan was all in for his last 5,000. El Allaoui called with another 2,000 behind before Jithwani raised it up. The fourth player in the hand folded, while El Allaoui called.

Arman Bosnakyan: AdAsQd2h

Akim El Allaoui: Kc10d10c3s

Ramesh Jithwani: 8s7c3c3d

The 6s turn and Kd river changed nothing whatsoever and Jithwani scooped the pot to boost his stack to around 65,000.

At the same time, the $175 TKPT Main Event Satellite went on a break with 34 entries showing, and the registration will close when the cards get back in the air. So far, there are $4,590 in the prize pool, which should make for almost four tickets up for grabs.

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