The Sultan of Swings

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 15/20

Level 8: 250-500 / Ante 50

Table one is playing rather silent with Gerhard Wassenaar, Stephen Saleh and Pierre Goetz among the biggest stacks. Wassenaar kept showing big hands most of the time and hovered around 50,000, but just lost a pot to Jose Duzanson. Wassenaar checked the AdKh2h2d3d river and Duzanson bet 3,200, which the Dutchman eventually called.

Duzanson showed Kd6d for the flush on the river and made it up to 25,500, while Wassenaar dropped to 41,000.

The other table remains mostly about Michael Lech, who tries pretty much everything to spin up the stack. That included the limp-raise and then bet half the pot on a flop of Kc8d2d, which did the trick. Soon after, he bet again rather big on an ace-high turn and folded to drop to around 20,000.

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