The Pots get Bigger

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 15/15

Level 3: 75-150

Brian Hart was the initial raiser and found resistance in Michael Dees, Nicolas Leoton and Franck Guillot out of the big blind. On the Js9h7h flop, the action checked to Dees in the cutoff and he bet 700, Leoton on the button and Guillot called. After the Ac turn, the action then checked to Leoton and he bet 2,200.

Guillot let go, but Dees had other plans and check-raised to 7,200 in order to claim the pot. Dees moved to around 32,500, while Leoton sighed and has 22,000 remaining.

Over on the other table, Mario Eder bet the 10d9h5c flop for 350 and Sylvie Renelier from one seat over tossed in 550. She was then reminded that a min-raise had to be to 700, and Eder called that. Eder bet the 4s turn for 1,200 and Renelier called before a bet worth 3,000 by Eder on the 5h river won the pot without further resistance. Eder has approximately 29,000, Renelier is among the players below starting stack with around 18,000.

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