The Madness Continues – Down to 16 and Bubble Time

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 16/134

Level 17: 2,000-4,000/500

The fast and furious franchise would be proud of the speed at the tables, and the eliminations came in extremely fast to suddenly reduce the field to the last 16.

Albert Lunenborg was eliminated in dramatic fashion with Ad5d versus the 3s7d of Ibrahim Binici – the board came 3h3d2d4c4s in a limped pot that escalated for obvious reasons.

Vaea Profit flopped two pair with As10c only to see table neighbor Agnello di Maio table AdAh for top set … . Then, Mohamed Bourhaleb followed to the rail and Christophe Enrici was the next casualty. He was all in with a short stack holding 9d7s and Nicolas Compingt put him at risk with 6s5h. The board came Jh7d3h2c4d and Compingt completed a straight on the river.

The clock was then stopped to redraw for the last two tables, which will now continue hand-for-hand on the money bubble.

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