The Aces go Around

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 39/45

Level 4: 100-200

On the three-way turn of Qc8c6s10h, three players invested 2,000 each including Jonathan King, Jozef O’Neil and Berthin Polienor. The Kd appeared on the river and O’Neil checked. King shoved for more than 17,000 and that forced folds from both opponents – King has around 29,000 now.

One table over, a raising war broke out to generate a pot of 7,300 to the flop of QcJd5h. Marvin van Eyck led for 4,000 and his opponent took a long time before letting go. Van Eyck flashed the AsAh for an over pair.

Soon after, Ramses Bislick scooped a pot without showdown on a king-high turn and also showed pocket aces as well. “So the aces go around here?” van Eyck joked.

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