Sullivan takes on Luck

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1b 83/83

Level 2: 50-100

Timothy Cavallin has joined the field and the screens show 83 entries, only 10 shy of Day 1a’s participation.

An interesting pot brewed over at the table of Robert Cheung, where two players limped. Mario Eder made it 650 to go and Marcus Luck three-bet to 1,650 in the small blind. Russell Sullivan called in the big blind and the others folded.

On the Qh 7d 5s flop, both players checked. After the 8c turn, Luck check-called a bet worth 1,200 before the Qs river was checked through again. Sullivan showed 9s 9c and that won the pot to see the American move up to 29,000.

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