Some Full Houses Around Here

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1b 85/107

Level 5: 100-200 / Ante 25

On the river of a board Ah Kd 9s Qh Ks, Michel Pecot paid off the bet of 4,000 by Marko Meijer and then mucked when his opponent showed Ad Kc, Pecot fell to around 35,000.

One table over, Sylvie Renelier bet 3,000 on the Ad 8c 9s 8s 10h river and was called by two opponents including Marvin Browne. Renelier turned over Ah 8h for a full house and the third player showed QdJh for a straight, Browne simply mucked.

Renelier has around 50,000, Jose Duzanson one table over as many.

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