Soltani Forces Goetz to Fold

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Final Day 6/84

Level 20: 4,000-8,000 / Ante 1,000

Mohan Karran got back some chips after betting into two opponents on a flop of 7s5d3c, including Viktor Karkus, and the latter then three-bet shoved into the open raise of Mario Eder the next hand. Eder let go and Karkus helped himself back to 165,000.

Then, a battle of the blinds headed to a flop of Ad10s8s and Arman Soltani bet 22,000. Pierre Goetz called and the 10h on the turn went check, check. On the 7d river, Soltani checked and Goetz bet 28,000. Soltani check-raised to 108,000 and Goetz folded.

“No matter what you had, nice play,” Eder said and Karran chimed in with an “exactly.” Soltani moved back to 460,000, while Goetz dropped to 253,000.

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