Small Pot for Goetz

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1b 78/114

Level 7: 200-400 / Ante 50

Pierre Goetz raised to 900 and Marvin Browne called out of the blinds to see a flop of 10c 9d 6h. Browne checked and folded ace-queen face up to a bet of Goetz, who flashed the 9s.

It wasn’t much of a hand, but gave the opportunity to update the stacks of notables on the table. Craig Rubinstein has 53,000, Sylvie Renelier 46,000, Marvin Browne is at 41,000, David Donoghue at 32,000, and Cedric among the short stacks with just 7,300.

The table broke soon after and all parted ways.

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