Small Pot for Brosius

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1b 66/66

Level 1: 25-50

In a battle of Americans, the duo of Matthew Fallon and Adam Brosius headed to a turn of Ad 6h 10s 9c and Brosius checked in the big blind, Fallon bet 425 and was called. Both then checked the 2h on the river and Brosius turned over Qc 9h for a pair of nines to scoop the pot.

Further players to join: Peter Hajszan, Werner Eder, Benjamin Perez and WSOPC Caribbean ring winner Jean-Pierre Didier. Craig Rubinstein is also in and many of the Americans confirmed that they were heading over to Sint Maarten for two reasons: The chance to play poker and win a Circuit ring, as well as the option to combine it with a quick vacation.

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