Small Pot for Bosnakyan

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 5/11

Level 9: 300-600 / Ante 100

A flop of 10s7c6c went check, check, before Julien Bonnel bet the Kc turn for 2,500. Akim El Allaoui folded, but Carlos Queiroz called and did so again for 5,000 on the 7s river. Bonnel showed Qc10c for a flush and left Queiroz with around 20,000.

Then, Arman Bosnakyan bet the AdQs3d flop for 1,250 and Bonnel as well as Daivy Ramssany called. The trio checked the Kc turn and 10h river, and Bosnakyan’s Qd8h won the pot. The Canadian three-bet an open by El Allaoui shortly after, and flashed pocket aces when all opponents folded. Bosnakyan hovers around 53,000 while Ramssany appears to be back on around 80,000, Bonnel has 60,000.

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