Shtapler Slams into Arcas

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 15/15

Level 2: 50-100

How about that for a start? There were around 3,000 in the middle with the board reading Kh6s3d8c and Otto Shtapler bet 2,000. Next to him, Gerald Arcas raised to 6,000 and Shtapler immediately announced all in and pushed forward his stack. Arcas was taken aback by this and took a long time to make a decision.

“I am playing poker. You have two pair?” Shtapler asked. Arcas eventually folded and showed 3s3h for bottom set, while Shtapler claimed the pot and moved up to 34,000. Arcas has around 13,000 remaining.

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