Saleh and Shtapler Rising

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 15/15

Level 3: 75-150

Stephen Saleh scooped two nice pots to boost his stack up to 35,000 and then claimed another pot by betting through the Ac9h5d flop and the 3c turn. Sylvie Renelier called the first bet, but folded to the 2,000 on the turn and was shown AsKs by Saleh. The Brit moved up to around 36,500.

Over on the second table, Otto Shtapler continued the early domination. Keith Hart had raised to 325 and picked up three callers. On the 10s9c3c flop, Shtapler bet 1,200 in the small blind and just Nicolas Leoton called. Shtapler then fired 5,000 on the 2s turn and Leoton folded. “Straight and flush draw?” Shtapler asked and Leoton nodded, then got to see 10d9s by Shtapler, who has around 37,000.

After that, the blinds moved up to 75-150 as level three kicked in.

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