Ryan Doubles Through Mehnana

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 2 14/224

Level 20: 4,000-8,000 / Ante 1,000

Joining the action on the Ah Qh 2s 5d turn, Martin Ryan bet 74,000 from under the gun in an already big pot. Myriam Mehnana called and the 4h river completed the board. Ryan quickly shoved for 90,000 and Mehnana spent two minutes in the think tank before calling it off.

Martin Ryan: Ac Qd

Myriam Mehnana: As Jh

Mehnana tried to muck her cards, but since it was an all in showdown they were flipped over. Mehnana was left with just 60,000 and Ryan moved back up to 460,000.

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