Renelier Folds to Shove

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 17/18

Level 4: 100-200

Nicolas Leoton bet the 9s7c2d flop out of the small blind and Vincent Distribue called in the cutoff before doing so again on the 6d turn for 1,100. The Kh river completed the board and now Leoton made it 3,100 to go. Distribue was about to toss in the chips, but ended up folding to leave himself with around 20,500 – Leoton has 26,000.

Over on table one, Sylvie Renelier bet the Qd9s3s flop for 1,200 and Stephen Saleh raised to 2,600 in the cutoff, Renelier called. The 4h turn saw a check by Renelier with less than 7,000 behind, and Saleh moved all in. Renelier shrugged and folded Qh10d face up, to which Saleh showed his AcQs with the words “I was giving you a way out.” Make that 50,000 for Saleh, steady good start for the Brit.

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