Registration for the Omaha Event Closed; Satellite Underway

The $135 Pot-Limit Omaha Event saw another two players join the field after the dinner break, bringing the field up to 30 entries. Mario Eder and Jose Menalque were the additions to the field, and they were still sitting with level six underway at blinds of 200-400. Along with 30 rebuys and 24 add ons, a prize pool of $8,400 was created and the prize pool is currently being finalized.

Early chip leader is Peter Bosch with around 70,000, Thomas Kremser and Frederic Maniez are both well above average with around 35,000.

Tim Hicks had been struggling, but eventually just doubled through Nicolas Salas. On the four-way turn Jc9c2s8s with around 7,500 in the middle, Hicks announced the pot and that forced folds from Vincent Distribue and Darius Tamulevicius. Salas raised to put Hicks all in for 10,150 and the cards were tabled.

Salas had 9s9d8d7d for a set and gutshot, while Hicks was way ahead with AcJhJd6c for top set and the nut flush draw. The 10c on the river gave Hicks the nut flush and he doubled to around 28,000. There are currently 24 players remaining on three tables.

Payouts of the PLO Event:

Place Player Country Payout (USD)
1 3,150
2 1,950
3 1,350
4 1,050
5 900

As far as the $175 TKPT $1,150 Main Event Satellite is concerned, there are also three tables running and a few of the early Omaha casualties headed straight to the next event. Add to that the usual suspects such as Patrick Alain, Gerhard Wassenaar, Stephen Saleh and Marvin van Eyck, and there are already 23 entries in that, too.

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