Registration Closed for Day 1a

The registration for the $250 Warm Up Event Day 1a is closed, and a total of 31 players and 5 re-entries generated a 36-entry field. There are already $7,200 in the prize pool, putting the event will on track to meet the guarantee of $20,000.

Once level 10 kicked in, the registration closed and there were just two tables remaining with 16 hopefuls. Among those that had run out of chips until then was Myriam Mehnana, and Tim Hicks soon followed when he failed to get there with pocket fours versus pocket fives for his last nine big blinds.

Hicks as well as Mehnana can still re-enter on either Day 1b or Day 1c though, while Pierre Goetz, Peter Hajszan and Marvin Browne are among the hopefuls still in.

The chip counts of all survivors will be published tomorrow, it seems likely that the action will be stopped when just seven players remain for the night, or at the end of level 15.

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