Rebuy Madness Before Dinner

The first four levels of the $135 Pot-Limit Omaha Event brought the expected madness at the tables and so far the screens show 25 out of 28 players remaining. Already 30 rebuys and 22 add ons were purchased to generate a prize pool of $8,000, but all of those numbers are still subject to change with the registration open until the start of level five at just after 9 p.m. local time.

The blinds will then be 150-300 and a new entry and add on would grant 15,000 in chips, enough to play with for certain. Among those to take to the tables was also Thomas Kremser himself, the face of the TK Poker Tour, and he made it through the rebuy period with around 21,000 in chips pre add on.

Several three-way or even four-way all ins took place during the first levels of the day. Corinne Hodebar scooped one of those early on when she bet the 9c7d6h flop for 1,500. Salomon Cohen raised to 3,000 and Günther Schuster called, as did Hodebar. The trio then got it in after the 3d turn and Cohen as well as Schuster showed ten-eight for the nut straight. Hodebar was drawing live with KdQd10d5s as only player with a flush draw, and the 4d on the river indeed completed the flush.

Another very active player was Arman Bosnakyan, who was part of a four-way all in that saw him and Belkacem Habassi chop two other players with a ten-nine full versus straight and flush draws. Bosnakyan had to rebuy twice though, after busting one stack with Jh9d7c6c against the AdJdQd3s of Tim Hicks – the stacks went in after the 5h4d3d flop and the Ad turn and 3h river first gave Hicks a flush followed by a full house.

Other notables in were Ibrahim Binici, Peter Hajszan, Frederic Maniez, Christophe Enrici, Darius Tamulevicius and Nicolas Salas.

The registration will officially close when the cards are back in the air for level five.

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