Ramssany Takes a Hit

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 5/11

Level 9: 300-600 / Ante 100

On the Ah3s3c flop, Carlos Queiroz check-called a bet worth 2,000 and did so again for 3,000 on the Qs turn. On the 10s river, the Portuguese checked and Daivy Ramssany fired a third barrel worth 9,000, Queiroz called. Ramssany tabled Qd3d for a full house and won the pot.

The fortune of bumping his stack up to 90,000 didn’t last long though, as Queiroz and Ramssany got into a bigger three-bet pot at the end of level eight. On the 9h5s4h flop, Queiroz was then all in for the last 15,700 and tabled JdJs after Ramssany had called. Ramssany only had 7d7s and didn’t get there on 8s turn and Qc river.

Queiroz lost some of the profit soon after when paying off the full house of Akim El Allaoui for 4,000 and has around 29,000. El Allaoui stands at 39,000, while Ramssany has approximately 70,000.

The remaining five players then headed into the last level for the night.

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