Ramssany Builds Stack

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 6/11

Level 8: 250-500 / Ante 75

Julien Bonnel raised to 1,500 and Akim El Allaoui called from two seats over on the button. On the KdJh2c flop, Bonnel continued for 2,200 and El Allaoui called before the Ks went check, check. On the Js river, Bonnel’s bet worth 4,000 was called and the Frenchman turned over KcQh for trips kings, El Allaoui mucked the Jd to see both players at around 34,000.

Then, Daivy Ramssany raised it up and Carlos Queiroz defended the big blind. The Portuguese check-called a bet of 1,500 on the 8h,8d,7s flop and another 3,100 on the 9d turn. There was no action on the Jd river and Queiroz showed 7h,3d, which Ramssany had beat with 8c5c for trips eights. Ramssany moved up to 80,000, while Queiroz has around 34,000.

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