Queiroz Shows Kings

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 7/11

Level 6: 150-300 / Ante 25

In a three-way limped pot to the Js7d3c flop, Arman Bosnakyan bet 650 and Carlos Queiroz raised to 1,500. Stephane Genet folded and Bosnakyan called. On the 3h turn both players checked before Bosnakyan then bet the 7c river for 2,600. Queiroz took some time and called, Bosnakyan rolled over 6c5d for a busted straight draw and the Portuguese claimed the pot with Jh3d for a full house.

Then, 2 players limped in and Bosnakyan raised to 1,250, which only Daivy Ramssany called. Ramssany check-called a bet worth 1,850 on the 10c9s3h flop, the 9c turn and Ad river were checked through. Ramssany flashed KcJs and Bosnakyan claimed the pot with AcKh.

Last but not least, Queiroz raised to 975 after two limpers and Roland Huber reraised to 3,500 in the big blind. Action folded back to Queiroz, who squeezed to 9,000. Huber folded and was shown KhKs by the Portuguese.

Queiroz also won the last bigger hand before the end of the level and left Huber with around 21,500, putting himself up to 55,000. Bosnakyan boasts 52,000, while Ramssany remains the biggest stack on 64,000.

15 minutes break before the action resumes.

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