Queiroz Builds Stack

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 9/11

Level 5: 100-200 / Ante 25

Anastasios Chatzikamaris raised to 600 preflop and picked up two callers in Carlos Queiroz as well as chip leader Daivy Ramssany in the big blind. The flop of 10c10d9d was checked to Chatzikamaris and he bet 700, which only Queiroz called. On the 8d turn, it was Chatzikamaris who checked and called a bet worth 950 before doing so again for 2,750 on the 5s river.

Queiroz rolled over AdQd for the turned flush and scooped the pot, leaving Chatzikamaris at 13,400 and bumping his own stack to 24,200.

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