Prager Shoves Twice

$365 NLHE Event #22 Day 2 5/121

Level 20: 4,000-8,000 / Ante 1,000

Gerald Mortensen opened to 18,000 and Stevan Prager shoved for more than 100,000 from one seat over. Mortensen asked for a count and then folded, Prager showed him the Ac.

Soon after, action folded around to Prager in the small blind and his open-shove won the big blind and antes. The American has around 135,000 and is the shortest stack of the last five.

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1a 69/72

Level 3: 75-150

The Main Event has entered level three and the clock shows 72 players registered with three seat open.

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