Pots for Flanders and Bosch

$135 PLO Event 8/30

Level 14: 1,500-3,000

Frederic Maniez limped in and Angelo Flanders raised the pot to 13,500, he was called three-ways by Peter Bosch on the button, Ramesh Jithwani in the big blind and Maniez. The flop fell 9d9c8s and the action checked to Flanders, who claimed the pot by moving all in for 26,000. He flashed 3s2s, not revealing the other two hole cards.

Then, Bosch bet a four-way turn Qh10c4cQs for 12,000. Only Maniez did so after having previously checked, and checked again when the 5h appeared on the river. Bosch bet 20,000 and Maniez called, then mucked the Qd after Bosch flipped over Qc4h4d8d for a full house.

The next big pot saw Flanders flop quads with Kc8h10d10c and Maniez paid him off with a full house to lost another huge chunk of his stack.

Angelo Flanders – 140,000

Peter Bosch – 133,000

Frederic Maniez – 25,500

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