Post-Dinner Update for Day 1a of the Warm Up

The 75-minute dinner break after the end of level four is over and the players have returned to their seats for level five with blinds of 100-200 with a running ante of 25. According to the screens, there are 26 out of 29 players remaining and Tim Hicks, Peter Hajszan and Myriam Mehnana were among those to show up somewhat later before joining the action on the first of three flights in the $250 Warm Up.

They will play until the end of level 15, unless the eliminations come at a quick pace, and the registration and re-entry period remains available until the start of level 10. Pierre Goetz is still in with just under average, while Marvin Browne also joined the field when the cards were back in the air.

Dueval Fenton was spotted on the rail and at one of the three running cash game tables, apparently one of his friends was in the Warm Up Day 1a.

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