One for Smith and Guillot

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 15/15

Level 2: 50-100

On the three-way flop of 8d3c2h, the actin checked to Otto Shtapler on the button and he bet 500, which Gerald Arcas in the small blind and Franck Guillot in the cutoff called. The 7c turn was checked and Guillot then bet the 9s river for 2,500 to scoop the pot uncontested.

One hand later, Brian Smith limped in and Guillot raised to 250, Shtapler and Smith called. On the Ad10c8s flop the trio checked and Smith bet the 7h turn for 350. This time only Guillot called before the 4d river was checked again. Smith turned over Kd10h and that was good enough to claim the pot. Both Smith and Guillot sit on around 27,000 now.

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