No Value for Giovannone; Some for Ciresi; More for Ramssany

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 2 28/224

Level 17: 2,000-4,000 / Ante 500

Luca Giovannone proudly showed the Kd Kc for quads on a king-high board after his small bet went through without a call. Giovannone has been pretty much steadily around 300,000 and currently has 280,000.

Charlie Ciresi is on the way back up and his bet of 20,000 on the Qd10c 3h 10h Ad was called by Jean-Luc Adam. Adam tabled Ah 9h and then mucked when Ciresi had flipped over his Kc Jd for a straight. The American moved up to 135,000 while Adam remains at around 500,000.

Last but not least, Daivy Ramssany and Werner Eder clashed in a small blind versus button constellation. Ramssany bet the 10d 9h 7s 5s Ad river for 55,000 and Eder called. Ramssany flashed As 9s for aces and nines, Eder had Ah 7d for the inferior two pair. Ramssany’s stack moved up to 220,000 while Eder has around 85,000 left.

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