No Deal and we have a Winner

$135 PLO Event 1/30

Level 18: 5,000-10,000

Just like that it’s over. Frederic Maniez and Peter Bosch briefly discussed a possible deal, but Bosch didn’t want to have an even chop as slight chip leader. As a result the duo continued and the second hand of heads up provided the fireworks to crown a champion.

Maniez limped in, Bosch raised to 30,000 and Maniez called. On the Qc7s5h flop, Bosch continued for 25,000 and Maniez called before Bosch bet the 9s turn for 50,000. Maniez raised the pot, Bosch moved all in and the Frenchman and resident of Sint Maarten called.

Frederic Maniez: 7h7d5d4c

Peter Bosch: Ad8d6d6s

A blank 2d on the river failed to improve Maniez and he had to settle for a payday of $1,950, while Bosch takes home $3,150. That’s a wrap for the Omaha Event!

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