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$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 35/47

Level 5: 100-200 / Ante 25

Felix Sang and Berthing Polienor have been eliminated, the latter being unable to beat the king-high flush of Christophe Enrici. That pot boosted Enrici to 46,000, which is well above average, but still far from the big stack of Ricardo Cheng-A-June with 90,000 from one seat over.

Another big stack is Arman Soltani, who quickly joined the top of the leader board early on. Just now, Soltani was involved in a three-way pot against Stephane Genet and Belkacem Habassi. Soltani check-called a bet worth 3,000 on the Qs6d6h flop with Habassi as aggressor from late position, and Genet came along.

On the 7d turn, Soltani checked again and Habassi bet 6,700. That second barrel forced Genet out, but Soltani called. On the 7h river, both players checked and Soltani flashed KcQd. Habassi mucked the Jc face up and didn’t show his second card, forfeiting the pot and dropping to around 26,000. Soltani on the other hand has very solid 70,000 right now.

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