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$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 37/47

Level 5: 100-200 / Ante 25

The blinds stay the same, but there is now an ante to pay every single hand. Otto Shtapler, who had sent the stack over to Stephane Genet previously (now at 48,000), took advantage of the single re-entry per day and bought in again.

On his previous table, Jean Luc Adam and Belkacem Habassi banged heads and the latter paid off a big value bet by the former on the AcQh4h7sJd river. The jack proved to be the money card for Adam, who showed Kc10s for the nut straight, and moved up to 53,000 in chips. Habassi remains on around 30,000, while Howard Cheng-A-June on the same table currently has 43,000.

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