Michel Pecot is the Bubble Boy

$365 NLHE Event #22 Day 2 12/121

Level 17: 2,000-4,000 / Ante 500

Only a few hands into hand for hand mode, the bubble burst. Table six was already finished with their action and a limped pot emerged. Michel Pecot had previously raised and then folded to the shove of Jacco van Limpt.

Then, Stevan Prager limped in from early position and Pecot checked the big blind. On the flop of 8h 5c 3s, Pecot checked and Prager bet 7,000. Before the American could start some table talk, Pecot check-raised all in for 32,000. The table cracked up, as did Prager, but he eventually made the call soon after.

Michel Pecot: 5d 4c

Stevan Prager: 9s 9h

The 2c on the turn was a sweat, but ultimately the Qh on the river bricked and Pecot was crowned the bubble boy. Prager moved up to 107,000 after starting the day as one of the shortest stacks.

Michel Pecot

Michel Pecot

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