Maniez Back; Habassi Pays Off Cheng-A-June

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 35/49

Level 6: 150-300 / Ante 25

Three players invested 3,300 each preflop and headed to the flop of AhAd8c, which was checked through. On the 2s turn, Howard Cheng-A-June bet 6,000 and Kader Coulibaly folded, Belkacem Habassi called. The 6c on the river saw another bet worth 6,000 by Cheng-A-June and Habassi gave it plenty of thought, then called.

Cheng A-June showed AsQs for trips aces and Habassi mucked with 19,000 left. Cheng-A-June moved back up to 45,000 after having previously lost quite some chips. Same applies for Jean Luc Adam, who is down to 23,000 on the same table, while Arman Soltani has 90,000.

Frederic Maniez fired a second bullet and that increased the Day 1c field size to 49 entries, of which 35 currently remain.

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