Make That 20 Players

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 20/20

Level 1: 25-50

It didn’t take long for further players to join the number eventually doubled with less than half of the first level played. Among those to join were Eric Munoz, Frederic Maniez, Desmond Culbert and Arthur Thevenot. Marvin van Eyck also showed up along with Paul Benichou and Anastasios Chatzikamaris.

Günther Schuster lost a big pot early on the Stephane Genet to see the latter bump his stack up to 36,000, while Schuster was left with a mere 13,000.

And then, Claudie Nannini won a small pot in three-way action. On the 10c5c5s flop, 300 chips were invested each and the 4s fell on the turn. Nannini bet 300 and just Vincent Distribue called before doing so again for 300 on the 7h river. Nannini showed 9d5h for trips and Distribue mucked Jd10s.

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