Lunenborg Doubles; Goetz Takes from Karkus

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 2 30/84

Level 12: 600-1,200 / Ante 200

Albert Lunenborg had doubled up early and just did so again for 10,600 with AsKh against the 8s8c of Daivy Ramssany. The board ran out Kd9cAh4hJc and Lunenborg moved up to 25,000, Ramssany had about as much left behind.

Then, Viktor Karkus limped in and Pierre Goetz raised to 4,000, which Franck Guillot-Tournus called, Karkus also came along. On the Jc8s6c flop, Karkus check-called a bet worth 7,000 by Goetz while Guillot-Tournus folded. On the 2s turn, Karkus bet 15,000 and was called before taking another stab on the 3h river by betting 20,000.

Goetz called again and Karkus turned over 5c5s, which Goetz had beat with KcKd. Goetz moved up to 145,000, while Karkus still has respectable 135,000.

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