Luck Starts Well

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1b 75/75

Level 1: 25-50

There has been no seat open so far in level one, unlike yesterday, but Marcus Luck started pretty hot and increased the stack to 30,000 already. On a three-way flop of 10c 9s 2d, the player from under the gun, Pierre Goetz in the small blind and Luck in the cutoff all invested 325 chips.

After the 10h turn, action checked to Luck and his bet worth 1,200 won the pot uncontested.

Just prior to this, Mario Eder had dropped some chips to Robert Cheung by paying off 500 on a Kd 9h 5s 4c 5c river and then mucked when shown Kc Qc. Eder is down to around 18,000.

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