Lob and Renelier Eliminated

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1a 45/92

Level 10: 400-800 / Ante 100

The field of Day 1a has essentially been halved by now and the latest two casualties included Joachim Lob and Sylvie Renelier.

Lob limped by mistake thinking he was the big blind and Michael lech limped as well. In the cutoff, Jeffrey Colpitts raised to 3,000 and Julien Bonnel called in the small blind. Lob then shoved and that forced folds from Lech and Colpitts.

Bonnel asked for a count and the all in was for 16,500. The Frenchman eventually called and tabled 5c 5s, Lob turned over his cards and said “I swear I didn’t look” before turning over Ac Ah. The 5d appeared right in the window and the rest of the board came 10h 3s 6d 9d to eliminate the Swiss.

One hand later, Renelier was all in for her remaining few chips with Kh 2c against the As 2s of Colpitts and the board came Ah Qh 6s 9c 4c.

Colpitts is among the big stacks with around 75,000, Lech has more than average with 55,000 and Bonnel has even more than that with 68,000.

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